1. New Roxy

    Clarksdale International Cigar Box Guitar Festival 2017 sponsored by the American Cigar Box Guitar Association. The Association is dedicated to support Musicians, Builders and fans of the Cigar Box Guitar and DIY instruments. The Festival is a showcase of music and craftsman from the United States and the world.

  2. James “Super Chikan” Johnson

      At an early age, Johnson got his first rudimentary musical instrument, a diddley bow. As he grew up, he came up with new ways to improve and vary the sounds he could make with it, and in 1964, at the age of thirteen, he bought his first guitar, an […]

  3. Ben Prestage

    Ben Prestage

    Ben Prestage- One of the best Americana roots musician, a taste of the delta blues, folk, and backyard county.

    Clarksdale International Cigar Box Guitar Festival

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